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Biblical Found Poetry

Remember the Haiku Finder?

It just occurred to me that I should put the King James Bible through it. You’re welcome. (Since the algorithm apparently includes the verse numbers in syllable counts, I’ve removed a few that made no sense. Also, there are some sentence fragments because of line breaks in the original text.) (If you can identify the book, chapter, and verse for each of these, you win…karma or something.)



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Hint: it’s haikus. Especially science haikus. Especially clever, well-written science haikus.

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Someone made a twitter bot (I don’t actually know what that is) that finds and assembles lines of iambic pentameter on Twitter into sonnets. It’s mesmerizing. I can’t quite describe the feeling. It’s like when you read blank verse, and you feel as if the line you’ve just read must have rhymed with whatever line came before it but in reality it didn’t. Except in this case, you feel as if the line you’ve just read must follow logically from the line before it but in reality it didn’t. Or did it?

My favourite so far:

Inflammatory statement coming soon….
I wanna cuddle up and take a nap
Internal twitter server problem .. #Crap
Caps take advantage if the power play
still haven’t eaten anything today…
Have had a lotta nicknames growing up
BOO Chelsea !! Liverpool deserve the cup !!
Blue is the Color, Football is the game…
Fame of the money, Money of the fame.
Do not appreciate the referee.
So many babies at the outlet mall
Abundant Life Assembly welcomes all! 😀
Its fucking hailing! Hail! In fucking May!

If I knew what a twitter bot was and wanted to sell my soul to create a twitter account, I would totally make some found villanelles. (If you go ahead and do this for me, I’ll make you some cookies.)

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Have I accumulated enough taxonomy-related links for another roundup? Am I too exhausted/lazy from field work to do any proper blogging? Yes and yes.

First, and most importantly, the NCSU Insect Museum has announced the winners of its awesome annual Hexapod Haiku contest. My favourite among the runners-up:

all the insects
I’ve killed–waiting
in the other world

The new species in this instalment are a UV-reflecting scorpion, a monstrous fossil that may or may not be called Godzillus, and a shockingly purple crab.

A short collection of goofy scientific names. I don’t understand why so few people want to do taxonomy. Think of the power you’d have, naming tiny primitive insects after Tolkien characters!

Random, related thought: describing a new species is like developing a DnD character. Except that you’ve lost your set of dice and your Player’s Handbook. (Actually, I think someone’s already indirectly made this parallel, viz. the Phylo, formerly Phylomon, card game.)

I’ve saved the best for last. This list of dinosaurs that “aren’t what they were” is frakking great. When I was just starting to be obsessed with dinosaurs, the idea that they were warm-blooded and related to birds was just becoming widely accepted. My childhood collection of dinosaur books was thus a mixture of those with illustrations of plodding stupid heavy-tailed brutes and those with lean and nimble, even graceful, beasts. But by the time I was in high school, things had changed even more: people had found fossil feathers. A lot of them. Now virtually every theropod (the predatory dinosaurs from which birds evolved), and even many non-theropods, is illustrated with at least a proto-feathery covering. The quill-like things on Psittacosaurus and Triceratops are pretty wicked. (A funny thing to note is that the Jurassic Park movies have always tended to be ahead of the mainstream idea of dinosaurs, first with the warm-bloodedness, then with the feathers and badass Spinosaurus.)

Okay, one more link, because the last one reminded me of it: T. rex trying, my favourite thing on the internet these days.

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…of the first of this year’s tree frog cohort leaving the water, a poetry translation break.

senem in lacus

ranunculus saltabat—

sonitus aquae!

I’m being a bit self-referential here, because this is my (rather hasty) Latin translation of a classic haiku, suggested by Wickedday‘s delightful and wistful poem, inspired by my original frog post.

I was hoping to arrange matters such that the haiku would also scan as a hexameter, but that didn’t work. (Anyone who can improve on this, or who has corrections, please chime in!)

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Darwin the poet

I really should declare it to be Haiku Month or possibly Haiku Year or something. Haiku Fortnight? Yeah, that sounds sufficient. (more…)

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Thanks to everyone who entered! It was really hard to pick a winner. (And besides, aren’t we all winners? We win at life. Because we write poems about shit.) Prize arrangements will be made via Facebook. Since you’re all such brilliant poets, consider following this link to the Hexapod Haiku Challenge, which closes on the first day of northern hemisphere spring.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…[drumroll] (more…)

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